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F. H. Jofi
E. Orzeszkowej 42/8
59-220 Legnica
PL 35 2030 0045 3110 0000 0018 6110

tel. +48 790 448 324
      +48 533 214 886

About Us

Welcome to the online store Jofi seller Israeli cosmetics company Health & Beauty from the Dead Sea. Wide range of products to satisfy the most demanding and who appreciate the high quality of customers. Join them and let yourself be seduced.

F. H. Jofi
E. Orzeszkowej 42/8                                                                            
59-220 Legnica                                                                                    
NIP - 691 248 65 38                
REGON - 021553547                           
mail:  info@jofi1.pl                  
tel.  +48 790 448324

Our mission is to make Dead Sea cosmetics are available at your fingertips every woman and man. We are open to suggestions from our customers, and our priority is to care about their satisfaction. Our advantage is the partnership with our suppliers on a strictly confidential.

We offer a full product range of H & B - from the most popular face creams, creams for the care of hands and feet with conditioner and hair masks and ending masełkach, aromatic scrubs and massage oils. Cosmetics H & B has a very high quality and make it possible to compile the nursing line according to your needs.

Due to the rapid development are willing to contact with shops, local distributors and beauty salons. Every customer is treated individually and we offer discounts for larger orders.


Clean, healthy and well groomed facial skin

       Deep cleansing of the skin is essential to maintain health and its good appearance, regardless of whether the makeup is applied or not. This is the basic and most important step in caring for the health of the skin.

       H & B offers a wide range of products for the treatment of facial skin, perfectly suited to your needs.

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